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What is a patent

A patent is an exclusive right that one obtains over inventions. In this context, it is important to explain that an invention is a technical solution to solve a specific technical problem.

The patent is a contract between the state and the person making the request. It gives the holder the exclusive right to produce and commercialise an invention, in exchange for its public disclosure.


You can also protect inventions by utility model

Patents may be obtained for inventions in all fields of technology. On the other hand, in the case of utility models, it is not possible to protect inventions involving biological material or chemical or pharmaceutical substances or processes.

If a patent or a utility model is granted, the holder of the patent shall have an exclusive right allowing him the right to prevent third parties, without his consent, from making the subject-matter of the patent, to apply the protected means or processes, or to import or exploit the protected goods or processes without proper authorisation.

Information updated on 16 November 2020 15:39