Industrial Property


The registration protects legally a trademark or other trade signs of O registo protege legalmente uma marca ou outros sinais do comércio da utilização indevida.

A trademark is a sign used to distinguish goods or services of a company in the commercial environment. In addition to the trademark, other trade signs may be registered: logos, appellations of origin, geographical indications, association trademarks, certification trademarks and rewards.

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In Portugal, only INPI can grant exclusivity rights on trademarks and other signs used in commerce. Learn how to register on this page.

Signs cannot be registered if:
  • they are already registered
  • they mislead the consumer
  • they use words that cannot be used exclusively
  • they use expressions or words that are contrary to morality and good manners
  • they violate the rights of third parties or encourage unfair competition
  • incorporating State symbols, emblems of national or foreign public entities, coats of arms, names or portraits of people, signs with a high symbolic value (for example, religious symbols) without permission from the person or entity who owns these symbols.

The rights granted by INPI are only valid in national territory. To protect your trademark or other signs abroad, you must apply for a European Union or international trademark application. If you prefer, you can register directly in each of the countries where you want to register your trademark or sign.

Information updated on 01 July 2019 10:50