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How much does it cost to submit a trademark or other signs application

For registration, two types of fees should be considered: the fee of the register application and the fee associated with the maintenance of the right.

You can register trademarks (association trademarks and certification trademarks), logos, appellations of origin, geographical indications and rewards. Costs vary according to:
  • the modality of registration
  • the number of classes of goods and services that you want to indicate in the case of the trademarks (the cost of the application includes a class).

Registration in Portugal


  Online On paper
Application Trademark for 1 class 139,56€ 279,12€
each additional class 35,38€ 70,76€
division of the trademark application or registration 35,38€ 70,76€
Logo 139,56€ 279,12€
Apellation of origin
National geographical indication
Reply to notification Without alteration of the application (including filing of documents required by notification) 5,88€ 11,76€
Alteration on the initiative of the applicant (before the publication of the application) With alteration of sign, claim for colours or addition of products/services (each additional class) 35,38€ 70,76€
Limitation of products/services 0,00€ 0,00€
Reply to a provisional refusal 35,38€ 70,76€
Reply to a provisional refusal with request to provide evidence of use 54,54€ 109,08€
Submission of evidence of use following a reply to a provisional refusal 11,80€ 23,60€
Declaration of consent 11,80€ 23,60€
Grant of trademark registration 11,80€ 23,60€
Grant of logo registration 11,80€ 23,60€
Request for lapse of action 58,97€ 117,94€
Reply to request for a lapse action 5,88€ 11,76€

Renewal Fees

  Online On paper
Renewal of trademark  Renewal of trademark (includes 1 class) and logo 139,56€ 279,12€
Each additional class with renewal of trademark 35,38€ 70,76€
Rewards, appellations of origin and national geographical indications No need to be renewed to stay valid. 0,00€ 0,00€

Invalidity proceedings

  Online On paper
Request for annulment or declaration of nullity of the registration  219,14€ 438,28€
Reply to the request for annulment or declaration of nullity of the registration 58,97€ 117,94€
Reply to notification 5,88€ 11,76€
Provision of proof of use for invalidity proceedings   


Provision of written explanations  58,97€ 117,94€


Common Fees


  Online On paper
Litigation and re-establishment of rights Opposition 58,97€ 117,94€
Suspension of examination and extension of time limits 29,48€ 58,96€
Request for modification of the decision 176,88€ 353,76€
Request for re-establishment of rights 176,88€ 353,76€
Provision of evidence of use following an opposition or a request for modification of the decision 11,80€ 23,60€
Modifications and submission of documents Amendments 0,00€ 0,00€
Changes of identity / address of applicant / owner 0,00€ 0,00€
Reformulation (following a notification from INPI or on the initiative of the owner, reformulate the application to a different modality) Taxa de modalidade pretendida Taxa de modalidade pretendida
Submission of additional documents (without being in response to notification) 0,00€ 5,88€
Management of rights Withdrawal and renunciation (total or partial) 0,00€ 0,00€
Endorsement of transfer with or without division of application/registration 117,93€ 147,41€
Endorsement of Licence of Exploitation 100,23€ 117,93€
Other comments (seizures, pledges, encumbrances, arrests) 0,00€  5,83€
Means of proof Certificates and Priority documents on paper 47,16€ 47,16€
Dematerialized Certificates and Priority documents 17,70€ 17,70€
Single Certified extract of register on paper 23,59€ 23,59€
Dematerialized single certified extract of register 11,80 € 11,80 €
Complete Certified extract of register on paper 58,97€ 58,97€
Dematerialized complete certified extract of register 29,48€ 29,48€



Cost of applying for international registration

  Online On paper
To be paid to INPI Preparation and transmission of acts to WIPO 11,80€ 23,59€
To be paid to WIPO (see the details of the cost to be paid to WIPO) trademark registration application
no colour registration
653 Swiss francs
(+/- 610€)
with colour registration
903 Swiss francs
(+/- 844€)
Pedido de registo de marca com 3 ou mais classes (por cada uma) 100 Swiss francs
(+/- 93€)

Cost of the  European registration application

  Online On paper
To be paid to EUIPO (see the details of the costs to be paid to EUIPO) Application for registration of a trademark of the European Union with 1 class 850€ 1000€
by the 2nd additional class 50€ 50€
by 3 or more classes (for each one) 150€ 150€

Fees updated in accordance with Declaration nr. 678/2023 (portuguese only), published in "Diário da República" on June 30th, 2023.

Information updated on 28 November 2023 17:20