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Industrial Property


Industrial Property

Industrial Property is the term that defines all patents, trademarks and designs covered by exclusive rights of use, production and commercialisation. 


Industrial Property aims to ensure that the use of a creation is an exclusive right of its inventors. 

This exclusivity may be extended to third parties through the transmission of rights of use or operating licences.


Registration protects Industrial Property from misuse

Registration of Industrial Property is not mandatory, but it is advisable. It allows inventors to legally protect themselves against unauthorized use of their trademarks, patents and designs and ensures that there are no equal or similar creations that invalidate theirs.

patent or a design can be done through INPI's - National Institute of Industrial Property website. 

The exclusive rights granted by INPI are only valid for the use of Industrial Property in Portugal. If the inventor wants to export his or her creations, he or she must choose to register for the EU or internationally, or to register the trademark, patent or design directly in the countries where he or she wants to protect the creation.


If you do not know how to register, you can go to an IPOA or authorised solicitor

An Industrial Property is a complex subject. If you need help registering trademarks, patents or designs, you can go to the Industrial Property Official Agents (IPOA) or an authorised solicitor.

These specialised professionals facilitate the contact of citizens and companies with the area of Industrial Property. Its functions are to advise, support and guide citizens, companies and other organisations in the application, registration and renewal of their trademarks, patents and designs.


INPI also ensures the valuation of Industrial Property

Protecting is not enough. It is necessary to ensure the valorisation of Industrial Property rights. Industrial Property rights exist to recognize and stimulate creativity and innovation for the benefit of economic and social development. This will only be possible if inventions and intellectual creations protected by these rights are valued by exploiting them on the market in conditions which meet their needs. 

INPI, as responsible for the promotion and attribution of Industrial Property rights, wants to contribute to the dissemination of information and good practices related to the valuation of Industrial Property. Therefore, we provide a set of tools, documents and services to facilitate the exploitation and economic valuation of Industrial Property:

  • support for the evaluation of Industrial Property assets
  • support for the diagnosis of the use of Industrial Property
  • provision of models of technology transfer and R&D agreements
  • provision of services that make it possible to promote the intrinsic value of the information contained in the IP databases.


To protect and promote the Industrial Property, the Anti-Counterfeiting Group was created

TheAnti-Counterfeiting Group brings together representatives of INPI, ASAE (Authority for Food and

 Economic Security), Finance, GNR (National Republican Guard), PSP (Public Security Policy) and PJ (Judicial Police). Its main objective is to develop joint actions for the prevention and suppression of counterfeiting and to strengthen cooperation between institutions through the sharing of information and the training of specialised Officers. In addition to this mission, this group also has the function to promote:

  • the exchange of statistical information on the seizure of counterfeit goods
  • public awareness by conducting campaigns
  • the reflection on the improvement of the national legal regime
  • the active cooperation with the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights.

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