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Justice Practical Guide (Beta Version)

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The content on this page does not intend to provide advice. Its purpose is strictly informative and in no case replaces the specific analysis of your case by a lawyer or solicitor. The request for information on this page does not require the entry of any personal data. In case the user refers his/her personal data, these will be stored, like all the questions and answers, for 10 days, in order to improve the service. After this period, they will be deleted.

About GPJ

The Practical Guide to Access Justice is a tool available to all citizens, which aims to streamline their interaction with Justice, in the search for the information they need at every moment.

The GPJ is based on the GPT 3.5 language model, created by OpenAI and Microsoft and available on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI platform.

The GPJ was developed by Genesis.Studio, with the support of Microsoft, with the objective of interacting with the citizen through natural language and the continuous learning of the subjects related to the Portuguese Justice, without the need to collect the users’ personal data.