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Renewal of Residence Permit

Foreign citizens already with a residence permit can apply for renewal at a Registo office.

Please note: you can only renew if you already have a valid residence permit or one that has been expired less than 6 months ago.

To apply for renewal you must possess a valid residence permit or one that has ben expired less than 6 months ago

A residence permit is a document issued by the Agência para a Integração, Migrações e Asilo (AIMA), which allows foreign citizens to reside in Portugal.

The residence permit can be temporary or permanent and must be renewed periodically.

To renew your residence permit at a Registo office, you must schedule in advance on the siga website or on the sigaApp.


Who can apply

You can only apply to renew your residence permit if you are:
  • a foreign citizen, or their legal representative, with a valid residence permit or one expired for less than 6 months ago.


How to renew

You can renew in person at a Registo office, by previous appointment, only if you have already been granted a valid residence permit or one that has been expired less than 6 months ago.


How to schedule an appointment?

Schedue the renewal of a residence permit on the siga website or on the sigaApp.

  1. select Registo entity
  2. select Citizen theme, Residence permit subtheme and Renewal of residence permit motive
  3. choose the day, time and the register office
  4. enter your details: identify yourself with your residence permit (if you are a lawyer you must enter the client's details)

You will receive an email with the appointment details and code.


On scheduled day, bring the documents you need to apply for the renewal

In general you have to submit the following documents:

  • valid residence permit or one that has been expired for less than 6 months
  • valid passport or travel document
  • proof of means of subsistence
  • proof of accommodation (e.g. a proof issued by the Parish Council or lease contract and last rent receipt, or the property’s sale contract or registry)
  • proof of regularised tax situation, where applicable
  • proof of regularised situation in social security, where applicable
  • authorisation to consult criminal record (except if you are under 16).

It may be necessary to provide further evidence, in addition to the general documents, if the renewal of the permit is for specific purposes, such as:

  • employed workers
  • teaching activity
  • high qualifyed activity
  • cutural activity
  • education
  • research
  • trainee
  • volunteering
  • among others.
For information on the documents required to renewall requests, please visit AIMA website.


It is not possible to apply for the renewal of a residence permit at a Registo office:
  • for investment activities
  • for human trafficking victims

In these situations you should contact or got to an AIMA service.


Where to renew

You may renew your residence permit in person and only with previous appoinment, at the follwing service desks:
  • Departamento de Identificação Civil Campus da Justiça de Lisboa
  • Departamento de Identificação Civil Boa Hora (Chiado)
  • Loja de Cidadão de Amora/Seixal
  • Loja de Cidadão de Aveiro
  • Loja de Cidadão de Braga
  • Loja de Cidadão de Castelo Branco
  • Loja de Cidadão de Coimbra
  • Loja de Cidadão de Faro
  • Loja de Cidadão da Guarda
  • Loja de Cidadão das Laranjeiras (Lisbon)
  • Loja de Cidadão de Leiria
  • Loja de Cidadão de Marvila (Lisbon)
  • Loja de Cidadão de Odivelas 
  • Loja de Cidadão do Porto
  • Loja de Cidadão do Saldanha (Lisbon)
  • Loja de Cidadão de Tavira
  • Loja de Cidadão de Vila Real
  • Loja de Cidadão de Viseu
  • Espaços de Registo de Beja
  • Espaço de Registo de Bragança
  • Espaço de Registo de Évora
  • Espaço de Registo de Loulé
  • Espaço de Registo da Marinha Grande
  • Espaço de Registo de Pombal
  • Espaço de Registo Portalegre
  • Espaço de Registo da Póvoa de Varzim
  • Espaço de Registo de Santarém
  • Espaço de Registo de Setúbal
  • Registo Civil de Cascais
  • Registo Civil de Espinho
  • Registo Civil, Predial e Comercial da Horta
  • Registo Civil de Ponta Delgada
  • Registo Civil de Portimão
  • Registo Civil de Viana do Castelo.


How much does it cost

The cost of renewing a residence permit varies depending on the situation.

Information updated on 24 November 2023 11:50