How much does it cost to register a design

In order to register a design, two types of fees must be considered: the fee of the application and the fee associated with the maintenance of the right.

The fee will vary depending on the type of register you wish to make. You can request the registration of a:
  • design in Portugal
  • design directly in countries where you want to protect design
  • design at EU level
  • international design.


Register a design in Portugal


Application fee

    Online  On paper Comments
Aplication Up to five products 106,61€ 213,21€

It includes publication and, in case of opposition, the examination.

Per additional product 10,67€ 21,33€
Reply to notification With alteration of the application (title, description or graphical representation of products) and addition of products (per product) 10,67€ 21,33€  
Without alteration of the application (includes the addition of document notification) 5,32€ 10,67€
Alteration on the initiative of the applicant With alteration of the application or registration (title, description or graphical representation of products) or change of other elements 10,67€ 21,33€  
With addition of products (per additional product) 10,67€ 21,33€
Deferment of publication of the application 31,99€ 63,96€  


Renewal fees

Every 5 years from the date of application Online On paper
5 years 0,00€ 0,00€
10 years 31,99€ 63,96€
15 years 42,64€ 85,29€
20 years 53,30€ 106,61€
25 years 63,96€ 127,93€


Common fees

  Online On paper
Litigation and re-establishment of rights Opposition, contestation, exposure and similar parts 53,30€ 106,61€
Suspension of examination and extension of time limits 26,66€ 53,30€
Request for modification of the decision 159,91€ 319,83€
Re-establishment of rights 159,91€ 319,83€
Modificações e junção de documentos Amendments 0,00€ 0,00€
Changes of identity / address of applicant / owner 0,00€ 0,00€
Reformulation (if following INPI´s notification or on its own initiative, rephrase the application that it submitted for a different modality) Fee of the new modality chosen Fee of the new modality chosen
Submission of additional documents (without being in response to notification) 0,00€ 5,32€
Management of rights Withdrawal and renunciation (total or partial) 0,00€ 0,00€
Transfer with or without division of application / registration 106,61€ 133,26€
Licence of Exploitation 90,61€ 106,61€
Other comments (seizures, pledges, encumbrances, arrests) 0,00€  5,32€
Means of proof Certificates and Priority documents on paper 42,64€ 42,64€
Dematerialized Certificates and Priority documents 16,00€ 16,00€
Single Certified extract of register on paper 21,33€ 21,33€
Dematerialized single certified extract of register 10,67€ 10,67€
Complete Certified extract of register on paper 53,30€ 53,30€
Dematerialized complete certified extract of register 26,66€ 26,66€

Fees updated in accordance with the Resolution no. 122/2018 (portuguese only), published in “Diário da República” on 27th June 2018.

Register an EU design (protected in Europe)

Ensures the protection of a design in all countries that are part of the European Union.

Application fee

    Online On paper

To be paid to EUIPO

(consulte, em detalhe, os custos a pagar ao EUIPO)

Application for registration (already includes publication)
of 1 product
from 2 to 10 goods
of more than 11 goods

If you wish to register an EU design, please note that:
  • the registration fee and the publication fee of the application in the EUIPO Bulletin must be paid at the same time as the application for registration is made
  • if you wish to postpone the publication of the application for registration in the EUIPO Bulletin, the respective fee will be paid later, separately from the registration fee
  • the application for EU registration must be made directly to EUIPO.

Register an international design

It ensures the international protection of a design in the member countries of The Hague Agreement and the application must be submitted directly to the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Application fee

To be paid to WIPO
(see, in detail, WIPO fees)
Application for registration
of 1 product
397 Swiss francs (+/- 370€)
of each additional product (included in the same international registration)
19 Swiss francs (+/- 17€)

Information updated on 20 December 2018 18:20