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Request a birth certificate

Birth certificates can be requested online.


Who can request

Anyone may request their own birth certificate or that of another person.

However, no one may request a certificate:


How to request

Birth certificates can be requested online or on paper. 


Request a birth certification online

You can request a birth certificate on the Civil online website. 

To request a birth certificate online:
  • access the Civil Online website 
  • sign in with a citizen card digital certificate or a professional registration number (lawyers, notaries, solicitors) or choose to request without signing in
  • fill in the form with your details (if you sign in, the form will be already filled in)
  • choose birth certificate
  • make the payment by Multibanco (in Portugal) or credit card

Certificates are issued in Portuguese and can be viewed online using an access code for six months.

Providing an online certificate code is the same as providing a paper birth certificate.


A paper birth certificate may be requested in person at any civil registry office, Loja de Cidadão or IRN Espaço Registos.

You do not need to submit any documents in order to make your request.


How much does it cost

The cost varies according to the purpose and format of the birth certificate.


Certificate fee

Type of certificate


Online birth certificate

EUR 10

Paper birth certificate for social security or child benefit purposes 

EUR 10 

Paper birth certificate for other purposes

EUR 20 


Where to request

Request a birth certificate online

You can request on the Civil Online website, in "Request certificate online" section.


Request a paper birth certificate

  If you want a certificate on paper or in international format, your request must be made in person:

Also you can request by post to any civil registry office.

Information updated on 29 June 2022 18:34